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Methys Group’s Digital Team Supercharges FNB VarsityCup Website

Behind any successful sporting event is a high performance website able to handle huge volumes of traffic. The Methys Group played a role in taking the popular FNB VarsityCup tournament’s website to the next level.

“When Asem approached us to assist them with overhauling the popular FNB Varsity Cup’s website, we jumped at the chance to help them power innovation within one of South Africa’s largest rugby tournaments and create a footprint in the sportainment world,” said Kaylee Bielfeld, Methys Digital UX/UI Designer.

Bielfeld said the team worked together to provide website optimization, front-end and back-end development and API integrations for the FNB VarsityCup website. “The elements we worked with resulted in us delivering a fast performing, best of breed website that enables this popular rugby tournament to handle high volumes of traffic and keep players, coaches and fans happy.”

Asem Engage Managing Director Jaco-Louis Groenewald said, “We are happy with the results the Methys Group has delivered. Since the launch of our new website, we have seen a huge increase in website performance, and this is essential for a successful FNB Varsity Cup season and to keep our fans engaged with the brand. Our strategic partnership with Methys Group will bring a new, exciting and engaging digital experience for our fans, while creating new commercial opportunities for existing and future sponsors and partners.


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