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Methys Digital Team Supports ENRICH in Africa Center Platform with an innovative digital solution

Methys Digital Team Supports ENRICH in Africa Center Platform with an innovative end-to-end digital solution

The ENRICH in Africa Center (EiA) quickly discovered it needed to pivot its digital platform to ensure it continued to achieve its mandate to strengthen the EU-Africa tech and innovation ecosystems. To achieve this, EiA approached Methys Digital in 2021 for assistance in finding a solution.

EiA Center Manager Zandile Ntuli said, “The ENRICH in Africa Center platform unites European and African innovation ecosystem stakeholders in one place to facilitate efficient collaborations and partnerships for growth.”

Methys Group CEO Christophe Viarnaud said, “The purpose of the EiA platform is to connect potential investors with startup companies based in Africa through the EiA Center Platform. The solution was to create a platform that will make the process as seamless as possible for potential investors to connect with, and identify, a startup that resonates with their investing goals.”

This project, which is ongoing, is an exciting project for the team to navigate as high Internet speeds and ever evolving technologies mean that businesses today, more than ever, need to keep up with technological changes and the speed information travels at as our world becomes more interconnected than ever before.

Specialised teams fluent in digital transformation are needed to provide the support, expertise and infrastructure required for businesses to digitally leap into a digital future and understand the emerging nascent technology that will shape the future of business.

Ntuli said the EiA Center platform “serves as a marketplace for our champions network, including accelerators, hubs, and incubators.” With an improved digital platform experience, she said that the EiA Center champions can now “showcase their services to innovators and other champions to promote sales and collaborations. The platform also serves as a meeting place for members to access all the Center’s services, including mentoring, twinning, and soft landing programs. Additionally, ecosystem service providers can use the platform as an opportunity to sell their services and gain new clients.”

Methys Digital Project Manager TG Pool said that team worked together with the EiA team “to provide assistance from end-to-end with the analysis, design, and development of the ENRICH in Africa platform.” Development, optimisation and third party integration are important activities taking place for the rest of the year.

Pool said he and his team immensely enjoyed working on the EiA Digital Backbone Initiative project. “It has been great working on the EiA Center project thus far. This project has the capability of making a great impact on startup companies within Africa. I and my team take

pride knowing we can play a vital role in assisting a small company get the investment it requires to grow."


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