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About us

We exist to facilitate companies to achieve their goals and visions through technology so that we contribute to their success and improve our world.

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We help companies transform their business to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Methys is a unique international technology hub, founded in 2004, with expertise in Digital, Data and Acceleration, through which we drive business performance for our clients. We are passionate about design, quality and excellent service, and pride ourselves on consistent innovation.

We believe in leveraging technology to solve business problems and improve lives. By connecting the ecosystems of innovation and digital transformation, and facilitating collaborative engagement between corporates, investors and startups, we create excellent digital products and serve as a catalyst for disruption by providing best-in-class performance management services that deliver results.


Christophe is a Cape Town-based entrepreneur and early-stage investor. He is a graduate of EDHEC and holds an executive MBA from UCT. With over 10 years of experience and his role as founder and CEO of Methys Group, Christophe has founded over half a dozen tech startup ventures operating in South Africa.

View Christophe's LinkedIn profile here.

Christophe Viarnaud
Founder and Group CEO

Gerhard joined the team in 2012 and is now the Operations Director of Methys Professional Services, and CTO of Methys Group. With and engineering background and over 18 years of experience, Gerhard has developed an understanding of complex corporate business, development and IT issues and is able to identify opportunities, create solutions, and meet stringent demands with the processes that Methys provides.

View Gerhard's LinkedIn profile here.

Gerhard van Niekerk
Operations Director - Technology and Professional Services

Entrepreneur in the tech sector in South Africa, with a background in business (MBA) and engineering (MSc), Sebastien runs a portfolio of startups : Powertime – an online value added services reseller, Energy Intelligence – a utility management company and PayGenius – a multi-currency online payment processor focused on the travel sector.

View Sebastien's LinkedIn profile here.

Sebastien Lacour
CEO of Paygenius & Powertime

Ndileka is a highly enterprising professional with an array of skills and experience covering Economic and SMME & Startup Development, Facilitation, Programme Design, Corporate Stakeholder Relationship management in Academic Institutions and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. She is passionate about start-up development and holds a Post Graduate Diploma from Graduate School of Business. As Centre Manager she is responsible for; Strategic and Operational Management and Planning.

View Ndileka's LinkedIn profile here.

Ndileka Zantsi
CEO of FSATlabs

Nekita Bailey is a people enthusiast with a Bcom in Human Resource Managment as well as Advanced Labour Relations certification. She is focused on Talent Acquisition, Retention, Creation and implementation of Policies and Procedures that provides clarity and guidance, Cultivation of Culture that help to harness the full power of the most valuable assets – “The People”. Her mission to have employees realise their full potential and bring their best to the Business, in that together we all grow.

View Nekita's LinkedIn profile here.

Nekita Bailey
Talent Acquisition and
Development Manager

Our diverse team brings a holistic approach to every project we take on.

By making people our focus, we have attracted talented individuals that are dedicated to empowering our clients by building them exceptional solutions that elevate their business. We are developers, designers, analysts, project managers, quality assurers and administrative support staff that value honesty, integrity and excellence.




Join a close-knit community of makers, thinkers, creatives and innovators all passionate about transformative ideas.

Join the team
Cape Town, SA
Paris, France
Stellenbosch, SA
Tunis, Tunisia
London, UK
Luxembourg, EU
Johannesburg, SA




Value-based partnerships:

We aspire to generate the highest quality service that delivers the most value within time and budget. We work hard to make sure our customers come back for business.

People First:

We believe in value and respect. We are invested in encouraging others to find their purpose and achieve their full potential. There is nothing that matters more to us than empowerment and relationships.


Our view of excellence is an ever-changing mindset that meets us where we are, challenges us onward, and encourages us to fail forward but ultimately be better than yesterday.


We believe in community and authentic relationships. Unity provides the strength to achieve so much more together than we ever could alone.

Commitment & Reliability:

We are invested in everything we do, dedicated to seeing it through to the end. Delivering the desired outcome. A total quality approach in our work as our customer demands the highest standards


Everything we do has a reason and pushes us towards a collective goal that improves our lives and the people we reach.

Ownership & integrity:

We take ownership in achieving your strategic goals and treat your information confidentially

Talent & diversity:

We built our business on diverse talent



By connecting the ecosystems of innovation and digital transformation, and facilitating collaborative engagement between corporates, investors and startups. We create excellent digital products and serve as a catalyst for disruption by providing best-in-class performance management services that deliver results.


We believe in a better future for all and that collaborative innovation will get us there. We want to play a role in that future by facilitating innovation within the ecosystems we move in.

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Innovate &
Build Products

Connect Tech

Digitise Corporate

Manage Investment Performance

Scale Startups

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Let's innovate together

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To help industries to stay at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the power of ecosystems to drive innovation.

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