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At the core of our business is a deep drive for innovation, this has sparked the creation of various business segments all tailored to offer incubation, acceleration, connect ecosystems and fund ventures.

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We provide the best incubation and acceleration programs in the industry tailored to act as a catalyst and enabler of innovation.

Innovation Services



AfricArena is a series of events that takes place in all the key tech/startup ecosystems across Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA. The series culminates with a summit in November in Cape Town, South Africa.

French South African Tech Labs

FSAT Labs is a public-private partnership with the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) in South Africa. FSAT Labs incubates early-stage, high growth entrepreneurs for the betterment of Africa.


Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, AfricArise accelerates high growth potential, early stage startups to scale through an annual accelerator program.

Enrich in Africa

The ENRICH in Africa Centre has been developed to strengthen the EU-Africa tech and innovation ecosystems, supporting innovators collaboration, connecting incubators and accelerators, investors, corporates and policymakers with the aim of enabling positive social impact and green business.


Launched in 2012, PayGenius is first mobile payment gateway in South Africa, a provider of smart solutions. The PayGenius solution includes payment gateways, switching services and an electronic wallet. Convenience, Mobility and Security are the pillars of our philosophy, and we constantly strive to deliver innovation and exceed customer expectations.


Methys developed the first independent m-commerce merchant in South Africa. Powertime provides nearly 7 million South African prepaid electricity customers with smart channels to buy electricity tokens and airtime 24/7. The Powertime service is available via innovative applications on smartphones, mobisite and website. The service incorporates Methys BI expertise to deliver a comprehensive monthly usage dashboard to Powertime's customers.

Energy Intelligence

Built on a combination of Methys' BI technology and Business Performance Management techniques, Methys createdt the Energy Intelligence platform which enables companies to understand and address the optimization of energy consumption. Energy Intelligence's mission is to help residential users, corporate clients, and asset managers to improve their utility management performance by turning their electricity, water, and heat usage into actionable knowledge.


AfricArena is an African tech accelerator that runs Corporate Open Innovation challenges throughout the African continent. While executing their open innovation challenges, they aim to foster the African tech environment by producing a range of physical events that connect entrepreneurs, investors and corporates. AfricArena partners with numerous organisations throughout the continent, organising panel discussions and pitch competitions.


AfricArise Ventures incubates, funds and accelerates internal projects that become flourishing, high growth businesses. An early-stage venture fund that invests in high growth digital startups in the sectors that we have domain expertise in. Over the course of 10 years, we have established and invested in startups that have lead to the establishment of industry-leading startups.

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Let's innovate together

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To help industries to stay at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the power of ecosystems to drive innovation.

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