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To help industries to stay at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the power of ecosystems to drive innovation.

Streamlines financial flows to African markets by providing Digital Innovation and Human Expertise.

SafeTrade 101


African business opportunities are not accessible and are often quite risky.

Safetrade 101 is a project aimed at facilitating and streamlining financial flows to African markets by leveraging digital innovation and human expertise. The project was developed in response to the challenge faced by many African businesses and suppliers who struggle to access business opportunities and engage with global financial providers due to the high risk associated with these transactions.

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By combining digital innovation and human expertise, we simplify financial flows to African markets.


Enables African businesses & suppliers to seek opportunities, engage and safely transact with financial providers from across the globe.

This combination of digital innovation and human expertise is designed to make it easier and safer for African businesses to engage with the global financial system and take advantage of business opportunities.

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Let's innovate together

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