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Making appointments and bookings easy to manage.



Potential revenue is lost due to “no-show” bookings.

In the service industry, there is a staggering amount of potential revenue that is lost due to “no-shows” and inadequate booking systems. Our client, having been directly affected by these real-life scenarios, realised that there is a need for a convenient and easy-to-use platform that facilitates the booking process for clients and businesses, reducing “no-shows” and making bookings easy.

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Customers can effortlessly make appointments. Businesses can easily manage all their bookings.


Appointments made easy.

We collaborated with our client when creating this app with the goal of convenience and ease of use. The app allows customers to easily make bookings, explore service providers, view pricing, opening hours and booking calendars. For businesses, an intricate CMS platform was developed to manage bookings, craft reports, view customer ratings, and seamlessly navigate in a customisable way. The CMS also includes a B2B payment gateway. Above all, this product creates a marketplace for customers and businesses to engage by allowing businesses to be more efficient in their marketing and discoverability.

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Expertly delivered on our brief of being user friendly...

Working with the team for the last year has been an absolute pleasure. From the start, they created realistic expectations and deadlines and explained the whole process clearly. What we ended up with was a beautifully designed product that expertly delivered on our brief of being user friendly and powerful in its simplicity. We are looking forward to a prosperous future with [Methys Digital] by our side.

Geber Middel, CEO of Onebook

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Let's innovate together

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