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Monitor and control your home security, anywhere.



Managing your home security is usually done within your home and is quite an inconvenience to manage remotely.

Hyyp is a mobile application designed to provide remote access to monitor and control home and business security systems. The idea for Hyyp was born out of the need to make it more convenient for people to manage their home security remotely. With Hyyp, users can monitor their home security from anywhere and at any time using their smartphones.

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Hyyp empowers users to monitor and control their home and business security systems remotely, offering real-time access to security features and peace of mind, no matter where they are.


Remote access to monitor and control your home or business anywhere, at any time, in real time.

The app offers real-time access to security cameras and other security features, allowing users to ensure the safety of their homes and businesses even when they are away. Hyyp is a solution that provides peace of mind to users who want to stay connected to their homes and businesses at all times.

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