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To help industries to stay at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the power of ecosystems to drive innovation.

Bringing European and African innovation stakeholders together.

ENRICH in Africa


To build a support network of incubation and acceleration across Europe & Africa.

The ENRICH in Africa Centre is an outcome of the ENRICH in Africa project, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project designed to build a supportive network of incubation and acceleration actors from across Europe and Africa for the purpose of strengthening the internationalisation and collaboration of innovation.

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Uniting stakeholders of innovation from both Europe and Africa.


A digital platform that bridges a cross-continent network.

We collaborate with the Enrich in Africa consortium to outline all the needs of the various types of parties involved. We discovered we will need 3 interconnected platforms that serve the external organisations and a registered network of incubators and accelerators. 

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Let's innovate together

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