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To help industries to stay at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the power of ecosystems to drive innovation.

EiA Digital Backbone


A strong digital backbone helps your business to remain competitive in your industry.

The ENRICH in Africa Center’s mission is to strengthen the EU-Africa tech and innovation ecosystems, supporting innovators collaboration, connecting incubators and accelerators, investors, corporates and policymakers with the aim of enabling social impact and green business. The purpose of the EiA platform is to connect potential investors with startup companies based in Africa through the ENRICH in Africa Center (EiA) platform.

The EiA Center has been developed within the framework of the “ENRICH in Africa (EiA)” project funded by the EU’s “Framework Programme” Horizon 2020, predecessor to the current “Horizon Europe” Framework Programme, the largest funding initiative for Research and Innovation in the world.

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We provide businesses with integrated, optimised end-to-end solutions that help them seamlessly communicate with people and make valuable connections.


A fully integrated, carefully designed digital backbone gives users a seamless digital experience and converts them into customers.

To ensure that the ENRICH in Africa Center (EiA) is able to fulfil its mandate and functions, the center needs a strong, flexible digital backbone that links its business and technology capabilities to one another in a powerful way that helps the center to achieve its digital transformation objectives. The solution was to create a platform that will make the process as seamless as possible for potential investors to connect with, and identify, a startup that resonates with their investing goals.

The Methys Digital Team started rolling out the EiA Digital Backbone Initiative (DBI) in 2021 and this project is ongoing. The objective of the EiA DBI is to strengthen the EU-African tech & innovation ecosystems by building a community of innovators, accelerators, incubators, innovation facilitators, service providers and other stakeholders. The DBI allows organisations to connect with each other and share information seamlessly. The team provided the EiA Center with assistance through an end-to-end digital transformation solution for this project which entails analysis, design and development of the EiA platform with ongoing third party integration, development and optimization within the platform.

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Let's innovate together

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