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CACEIS is a banking group that provides asset servicing and depositary banking services to institutional and corporate clients worldwide.

CACEIS offers a full suite of integrated one-stop solutions designed to meet the needs of fund managers, originating banks and investors in the private equity, real estate and securitisation fields.

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Methys delivers business analysis, implementation, training, application management, business intelligence and cloud services to Alternative Investment Investors. Our skilled and experienced team mix their functional competencies with technical expertise.


eFront enables bespoke, added-value depository services and comprehensive reporting for Private Equity, Real Estate, and Securitisation clients at CACEIS.

CACEIS uses an industry-leading software platform, eFront, that enables the Private Equity, Real Estate and Securitisation (PERES) team to deliver bespoke, added-value depository and position-keeping services as well as a comprehensive suite of reports.

CACEIS implemented eFront several years ago and rapidly deployed it across our PERES business line. We recently focused our efforts on enhancing and optimising report production. To support us in this task, we sought out an experienced partner. Research led us to select Methys, a 'Certified eFront Partner' with a strong reputation in the PERES community. Together with Methys, we have created the 'Report Factory', a nearshore delivery team based in Tunis, Tunisia. Our close relationship with Methys has seen the 'Report Factory' make measurable improvements in the efficiency, timelines and accuracy in the reports we generate for our clients. Methys helped ensure our report production goals were delivered, allowing us to focus our staff resources on core Asset Servicing areas. We look forward to working with Methys on other projects in the future.

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