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View high-performance rugby tournaments in real-time. No lags and delays.

Varsity Cup


The FNB Varsity Cup Clients are South Africa’s top rugby-playing universities who participate in the annual FNB Varsity Cup tournament.

Asem, a sportainment company in South Africa manages and owns the media rights to the Varsity Cup brand and focuses on bringing the best Varsity Cup experience to a large contingent of players, coaches and millions of fans with the help of 25 top-tier South African universities, South Africa’s leading sports broadcaster and the country’s most innovative brands.

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High-performance speeds and API integrations in your website gives your fan base a seamless user experience.


In order to deliver excellent, high-definition information and visuals to a large audience, a high-performance website able to handle large volumes of traffic is essential.

With the support of the Methys Digital team, Asem was able to ensure that the Varsity Cup website could comfortably and easily handle huge traffic while delivering an excellent website experience for users. The Methys Digital team were able to help Asem power innovation in one of South Africa’s largest rugby tournaments and create a footprint in the sportainment world through website optimization, front-end and back-end development and API integrations which all worked together to deliver a fast-performing, best of breed website that surpassed expectations and keeps players, coaches and fans happy on and off the field.

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