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To help industries to stay at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the power of ecosystems to drive innovation.

Train your eyes to see faster. Decide smarter.



Excessive screen time degrades our visual skills.

With the rise of the digital age, people spend copious hours on their devices every day leading to an unhealthy amount of screen time. EyeGym, the world-renowned online visual intelligence training program, is the antidote to excessive screen time. The training platform improves visual awareness, reading ability, decision-making, and reaction time, and turns screen time into productive visual and cognitive training time. The training engine, with its various programs and drills, is quite a complex machine but to the user, an easy-to-use tool helping them see faster and decide smarter.

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An easy-to-use flow that provides visual training.


An easy-to-navigate flow into the more complex training environment of the platform.

Our team redesigned the already existing front end of the platform giving it the necessary tweaks needed to speak to its target audience and follow an easy-to-navigate flow into the more complex training environment of the platform. This intricate and precise part of the system was spruced up to use algorithms that track and manage performance, and utilise stored data to learn about users and make informed, constant improvements to the platform and programs. The training engine, in which the various programs and drills are built, is intricately designed and configured giving our technical team a significant challenge to overcome. The training platform is also supported by an app for regular users so that the platform can be used on multiple digital devices.

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The EyeGym team has worked with professionals in the NFL, NHL, British Open, PGA, F1, English Premiership, English Championship, Olympic Gold Team, World Cup Winners, and CEO’s in prominent businesses around the world. To join this elite group of people, go to the EyeGym website.

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Let's innovate together

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