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Full-Stack Engineer

About us:

Methys Group is a unique international technology hub that is focused on driving customer success and maximizing business performance. They are seeking an Intermediate/Senior Full-Stack Developer to join their team in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. The team is comprised of experts in Digital, Performance and Innovation who leverage partnerships with key technology providers and a rich set of methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions. The successful candidate will work alongside their designers, client-facing team members, and clients to help shape the future of technology.


  • Develop using Java, PHP, SQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. in full-stack on various Methys Digital platforms (frontend and backend), including but not limited to Databases, API, Frontend, Backend services

  • Follow best coding practices - writing unit tests, writing documenting and documented code.

  • Conduct unit testing and deployment of various applications to backend servers.

  • Work together with juniors in a mentoring role.

  • Maintain and improve code quality and stability.

  • Improve and maintain security and data integrity on various projects.

  • Continually learn and improve development skills and apply them within the team.


  • Typescript, Native Javascript, JQuery(legacy code), SVG, SASS


  • Java, NodeJS, PHP (legacy)

Frameworks and tools:

  • Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, React-JS, React-Native, Angular (legacy), NextJS, Laravel (legacy), Node, PNPM, NPM, Yarn, Tomcat


  • At least 5 years of experience in backend and frontend development.

  • Experience with NodeJS - popular frameworks, libraries.

  • Experience with Java - popular frameworks, libraries.

  • JavaScript - popular frameworks and libraries.

  • Experience in TypeScript.

  • Full understanding of CSS.

  • Experience working with relational databases and platforms and SQL (MySQL), Redis.

  • Full understanding of supporting technologies - REST, JSON, XML, HTML.

  • Full understanding of source control process and using GIT.

  • Knowledge of best practices in security, performance, memory management, maintainability, data structures.

  • Good understanding of server infrastructure, web protocols.

  • Experience with Linux/Unix based servers.

Additional skills that are advantageous:

  • Experience with React and React-JS.

  • Experience in React-Native and native mobile development.

  • Knowledge of Swift and Objective-C.

Why Join Us

You’ll be working in a vibrating environment, with a multicultural highly energetic, enthusiastic, positive team whose sole focus is on growth, growing personally as individuals, but growing professionally through all the opportunities within the group operating in various countries (France, Tunisia and SA). 


The position is available immediately

Please send your CV to

Fullstack Developer


Full-Stack Engineer


Technical Implementation Consultant


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