Veolia Traceability App

Veolia is an international utility group partnering with municipalities and businesses to collect and recycle waste and transform it into raw materials and renewable energy. 17,000 employees are mobilised daily to plan and organise the collection, sorting and treatment of waste in order to meet the challenges of a circular economy. In 2013, Veolia France counted 154 operation centres and provided its collection services to 16 million citizens, thus producing 4.6 million tons of recycled raw materials, 1.5 million MWh of electricity and 1.9 million MWh of thermal energy. In this context, it is crucial for Veolia to have a flawless traceability of waste during transport from the customer premises to the outlet.

Veolia approached Methys to develop a new tracking tool to meet the traceability needs of the company. The project was designed to meet the specific needs of hospital waste in a first phase. The solution consists of a mobile component for the acquisition of data on the ground via Android terminals equipped with bar code readers and bluetooth printers. The Application communicates with Veolia’s database in order to pull information on the plannings and items to be collected. In the back-office, an administrative system allows administrators to process the data collected on the ground and produce advanced reports.

What we did.

Ground Analysis

Methys performed a ground analysis to identify the processes involved in the waste collection and understand the specific needs of the operators.


Methys utilised wireframing tools to develop a visual skeleton of the application and website to describe the user interaction and navigational flow of the project.


Methys developed a native Android application actioning the embedded bar code readers of the mobile handsets. The administrative back-end was built using Java and integrates with Veolia's planification system.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance takes place by a dedicated tester using the test cases defined during the analysis process.


Methys delivered the required documentation for the deployment and provided a resource to assist the deployment at the client's premises.

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