Synsam is an optical retail company with more than 185 stores across Sweden and 500 in the whole Nordic region. Our friends at BAS ITG introduced Synsam to us and presented a solution that would totally transform the traditional optical retail experience for customers and Synsam as a company.

Synsam identified a problem with the optical retail experience which was that it is generally very time consuming for the customers (as well as the employees) to fit the various options of glasses available. The solution involved creating an in-store app that allowed customers to easily view the extent of their range of glasses, and try them on. Besides transforming the traditional optical retail experience into an innovative and modern day experience, Synsam was also able to elicit that they are the front runners in digitising the optical retail chain, and that they are an innovative and forward thinking brand.

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What we did.

We created an in-store app for Synsam that caters to customers and the company as a whole. The most challenging part of the app build was that it had to incorporate face recognition technology.


Design mock-ups of key application were created under the direction of the clients requirements. Once the designs were completed, the design team completed all the designs for the solution after which the development commenced.


An iOS app was built with complex face recognition.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance takes place by a dedicated in-house tester using the test cases defined during the analysis process. We put it extra effort into this as we wanted to make sure that the face recognition abilities were 100% accurate. We tested the face recognition on a diverse group of people so that all faces were recognizable, and all features reflected. And, because Synsam were showcasing their products, the face recognition tech had to make sure that the products fitted the face of every individual. After the challenging in-housing testing was complete, the client was able to test the app. Once the app was signed off by the client, the app moved to the deployment phase.


On completion of the app was submitted to go live on Apple Store.

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