Android applications developed for Samsung

With Android’s continued market share growth, it is undeniable that this exciting mobile operating system is going to play a prominent role in our future.

Cytrus was tasked by Samsung with putting together a number of educational, gaming and informative android applications for their current range of smartphones and tablets.

African Weather Forecaster provides the weather for countries across Africa, Morabaraba and Mancala are board games centred on an African theme.

African Music Chart lists the Top 40 music chart in Africa for the current week, and African Sea Predators and African Poisonous Animals provide educational content on African animals.

African Phrases Translator provides you with a List of greetings / basic phrases in multiple different African languages. Football Team Explorer allows you to explore more than 14 000 football teams and African Currency Converter helps to convert currencies accurately and quickly.

The success of these applications remind us that localization, simplicity and a well thought through design and user experience are critical to the commercial viability of a mobile application.

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