It’s On Us cross-platform app

IOU (It’s On Us) is a cause based initiative that is focused on making the roads safer for all South African’s. IOU has established a presence online through their existing website and Facebook page. Primarily people are able to easily report traffic offenses online, and IOU look to take action on these offenses directly with corporates and other traffic offenders.

IOU approached Methys to build a cross-platform mobile application to make the process of reporting traffic offenses as easy as possible and to drive awareness of the cause. Build across the three platforms also allowed for more exposure.

Methys used PhoneGap to produce the cross-platform app for Android, iOS and Blackberry. The app allows users to report traffic offenses on the spot, view traffic congestion as provided by Google, report on road conditions and view traffic offenses in your vicinity. A CMS was created for IOU to manage users, user generated content and view reports.

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