InstantIDer Android App

InstantIDer is a South African manufacturing company who provides plastic cards and card based equipment such as ID card printers, and card holders. In order to increase their service offering to their customers, Methys was asked to create a mobile application that will allow people to design their own ID cards and print them using an Instant IDer printer.

The application needed to be user friendly to allow a user to capture a person’s information and synchronise this with a central server. The application links to a printer directly once a template has been assigned and a plastic identification card will be printed.

The application provides clients with a portable way to print identification cards for use by their respective employees or clients.

Download the app from the Play Store.

What we did.

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Methys utilises wireframing tools to develop a visual skeleton of the application to aid in the functional analysis process. These wireframes highlight common UI & UX elements, and describes user interaction and navigational flow within the project.


Design mock-ups of key application / website components are created. The final designs are presented as static images, providing a representation of the final look and feel of the project to the client before development commences.


The application was built natively for Android phone and tablet.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance takes place by a dedicated tester using the test cases defined during the analysis process. These test cases will be used in the final testing and QA phases.


On completion of the project the app was deployed to the app store.

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