EdzMee is a co-creation social platform that puts a spin on traditional social media by providing users with the ability to edit one another’s content.

The EdzMee creators approached us to help them envision the possibilities of creating a social platform that allowed for co-creation. More specifically, the platform was going to be one of the first of its kind. Methys was excited to jump on board to help them further envision, design and create an innovative solution that could add value to users across the globe.

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What we did.

We developed a MVP digital solution for EdzMee. The solution was an iOS app with high quality, full screen images.


The application made use of slick UI with strong blends of white and blue. To ensure seamless navigation throughout the app, the user experience was optimized by making use of simple swiping gestures. This approach was followed to ensure the application was easy to use for any user, allowing us to increase user adoption and receive a host of feedback as soon as possible.


We developed an iOS app with high quality images. The images on the EdzMee app are full screen which deemed quite challenging to implement, but the team were able to implement this and create an image driven app as desired by the clients.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance took place by a dedicated tester using test cases defined during the analysis process. These test cases were be used in the final testing and QA phases. After a few iterations of back and forth with the client, the quality assurance process was completed.


On completion of the project, the app was sent to the App Store to be reviewed and accepted. When the app was accepted, the app went live ready for user downloads.

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