Samsung Mobile Biometric

Samsung Mobile approached Cytrus to research and develop a biometric enrollment and verification solution specifically for the Galaxy range of Android tablet devices.

With the new Samsung mobile biometric solution we are able to enroll people by capturing their personal information, along with their fingerprint biometrics and store this information in a database. We are also able to verify people against previously captured biometric data.

The project faced many technological challenges, all of which we managed to overcome along the way. We realised early on in the project that we had to produce a practical solution that could be easily deployed and used in the field. The solution should create no physical constraints that might impede the user from using the functionality of the solution. It did not make sense to have multiple devices with a lot of data and superfluous cables.

The single biggest challenge we had to work with was that the then current version of the tablet cannot provide power to external hardware devices (as PC’s do). The solution to the problem was an Android application on a Galaxy Tablet and a small biometric fingerprint reading device. The biometric device is self powered (rechargeable with microSD USB cable) and connects to the tablet via bluetooth.  Our system literally has no strings attached. This ultra mobile solution allows for quick and easy enrolment and verification of fingerprints.

Biometrics has and will continue to play a significant role in security.  We see massive opportunities for the application for this solution on the African continent.

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