Methys’ tech predictions for 2016


Methys’ tech predictions for 2016

What can we expect from the tech sector in 2016? Our staff got tempted to play the game of identifying the top tech trends for the coming years. Here are Methys’ obvious or wildly speculative predictions for 2016.

1. The Internet of things will become a vending channel.

E-commerce as we know it is about to be fundamentally reshaped, as every connected object in the future becomes a potential commerce channel. The launch of the Amazon Echo and the Dash button in the USA is a first attempt in this direction.

2. Music streaming landscape will consolidate and enrich its offer.

Apple Music, Google and Spotify will go head to head to dominate the music space. In this fierce battle, they will have to develop a mid-range subscription affordable to more users in order to expand the streaming music market. This will imply developing a wider range of services allowing them to differentiate their products.

3. Windows will start to attract developers thanks to good sales of their hybrid PC-tablet devices.

Hybrid tablet-PC devices will dominate the notebook market. These devices will be alternatives to tablets for households that require basic computing and tablet functionalities at the lowest cost. As a result, Windows will become a serious challenger to iOS and Android for tablet usages and more companies will be tempted to roll out a Universal Windows app.

4. Retail will continue to evolve with more casual online shopping habits and omni-channels strategies will be the norm.

New Consumers will continue to emerge, as online shopping increases, commerce strategies will need to be ready. Shoppers now do more online research and rather buy all and return what they don’t want. Stores will need to adapt constantly and create a continuous experience across their online and brick-and-mortar storefronts.

5. Companies and consumers will be more aware of their data security

Cyberespionage, online fraud, identity theft and misuses of private data have made consumers and companies wary of their data security. At the same time, cloud computing and the IOT have exposed ourselves to more risks. Data security will become a major preoccupation in 2016.

6. SEO will play an increasing role in app discoverability

While most search engines were already showing app in search result, until now, the algorithms couldn’t take into account in-app content and had to rely on in-store content such as description, review, etc. Google has recently announced that they will start showing app in their organic results based on the app content. This is a promising move that would bring key changes in the way we discover mobile apps.

7. Mobile payment will take off

While e-commerce and m-commerce have grown dramatically, brick-and-mortar retailers still transact mostly via credit card or cash despite the exorbitant fees or security hazards involved. Thankfully, as smartphones feature better functionalities (NFC, finger print, etc.) market leaders such as Apple, Paypal and Google are starting to offer phone payment services. This more mature environment will boost mobile payments in 2016.