2015 – One year of tech in review.


2015 – One year of tech in review.

2015 was an eventful year for the tech industry. If you’ve been living in a cave, here is our quick recap of the main tech trends and events that have affected the industry this year.  

We will remember that in 2015…

… Google’s material design has taken over the world;

… While the smart watch revolution didn’t happen despite what Tim Cook told us;

… Privacy has never been more at risk with the surge of governmental mass surveillance that happened in response to terrorism threats;

… In the meantime, more corporates are thinking to take some training in cyber security to avoid data blackmailing as shown during the scandalous Ashley Madison hack;

… Crypto currencies have proven to be serious alternative money with the Bitcoin reaching its all time high in December at US$440;

… While the 3D printing breakthroughs have stayed confined to B2B usages, nonetheless bringing tremendous innovation to the medical sector ;

… Drones on the contrary, have seen both B2B and B2C usages, being a cost-efficient aerial recording device for film production and achieving the rank of must-have grown-up toy;

… Our homes have become smarter, allowing us to control remotely our plugs, TVs, lighting, and everything connected, bringing in the age of IOT;

… The world has also become frantic at measuring health & activity data, with Fitbit, Apple and countless of wearable players measuring our sleep, steps and heart rate 24/7;

… We’ve also realised that our era of computing innovation might reach a slow down, with the Moore Law coming to an end;

… But web developers can at least rejoice that our browsers won’t get any slower with Adobe Flash finally being buried alive by Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Facebook.

And you, what tech trends have you noticed this year?