The Good Tree

The Good Tree is a loyalty program that solves a core problem for both coffee lovers and coffee merchants. Some of the core features include perks for avid coffee lovers so that they to never have to pay the full price for coffee, easily find coffee shops, and get extra credit free when topping up.

The Good Tree has undergone several iterations and is now servicing restaurants and markets, among others.

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What we did.

We created a mobile app that offers a cardless solution to paying for coffee from popular vendors. The app ensures great discount benefits while building a database of loyal customers that merchants can connect with.


After meeting with the client design mock-ups of the app was created. Once the client approved the mock-ups, the design team continued with the rest of the look-and-feel of the app.


The Good Tree is built on iOS and Android. We built a fairly complex model to facilitate the unique payment integration.

Quality Assurance

After the app was developed, the app was tested in-house by our team to look for any functionality issues or bugs. Once our team were satisfied with the solution, the version was sent to the client to view and approve. After a few iterations, the app was sent to be deployed.


The app was sent to the Google Store and Appstore to be approved and accepted. Once the app was accepted the app went live.

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