Picup WeChat / Android app

Picup, a start-up company offering on-demand parcel delivery in South Africa approached Methys to develop their logistical system, a WeChat app targeted towards its users and an Android app for drivers to receive delivery requests.

The Picup Application on WeChat allows users to define a collection and a delivery addresses and select a mode of transport among bicycle, scooter and car to do the delivery and pay online via their Picup WeChat wallet. All operations required to order a shipment can be done within a few minutes within the WeChat app. The deliveries are performed immediately thanks to an on-demand engine that send delivery requests to available drivers in the area. Customers are then able to track their parcels in real-time by geo-localising their driver and ensure their parcel is delivered to the correct person.

Drivers have their own app that allows them to receive pick-up requests, manage their itinerary and get a signed receipt when they collect and deliver their parcel. The application integrates with TomTom to ensure that their route takes into account congestion data.

An administrative back-end enables Picup’s staff to track drivers and parcels and ensure that the operations run smoothly. The back-office is also used as a staff management system allowing Picup to monitor the training of new driver applicants and manage the commissions of approved drivers.

This app looks to redefine the courier space. For more info go visit www.picup.co.za

What we did.

Methys developed a WeChat application, Android application, Administrative website and core system.


Methys developed a prototype to allow Picup to test their concept, refine their requirements and showcase their solution to third-parties such as investors, logistic partners, etc.


Methys utilised wireframing tools to develop a visual skeleton of the applications. These wireframes highlight common UI & UX elements, and describes user interaction and navigational flow within the project.


Design mock-ups of key application components were created. The final designs provides a representation of the final look and feel of the project to the client before development commences.


Methys developed a WeChat application using native Rich Media Cards and web views. The driver application was built on Android using a native SDK.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance takes place by a dedicated tester using the test cases defined during the analysis process. These test cases will be used in the final testing and QA phases.


On completion of the project the website deployed to the server.

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