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Nokia’s current situation

The results from the quarters are in and looks like its not great news for BlackBerry coming in at the bottom ranks after Nokia. Nokia coming in 3rd place, scraping what market share has been left behind from the dominant Android and iOS. Even though there has been some bad and good news of Nokia’s performance as of late, having a small operating loss on one side of the scale and having a growth in sales of Nokia Lumias. It is certainly an interesting position Nokia has made it to, ...

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Inside view on Whatsapp

If you have not heard of Whatsapp then you are most probably one of those fellers that enjoyed owning a Phillips Savvy (i.e possibly my mother). Anyway, Whatsapp is a fast growing, cross-platform messenger application that is quite possibly the first thing people download for their smart phones. Chances that you have heard of Whatsapp through a friend are almost indefinite. Word-of-mouth appears to be Whatsapp’s main form of marketing, unlike other start-up companies who love media ...

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Windows 8 Mouse will have a Start button

It’s official that the windows start button has returned to the Windows 8.1 blue OS, due to a load of people whinging about the new changes of the Windows 8 OS. Seeing that people love the Windows Start Button so much Microsoft have released a new mouse that has a Windows logo on it, not only that, but it works as a start button as well. Due to the challenges of seamlessly integrating for desktop navigation and tablet devices, changes have been made and it looks like some great changes ...

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BBM Messenger free on iPhone and Android

Blackberry’s Thorsten Heins has announced their biggest news in blackberry since it’s release of the new Blackberry 10 OS. According to multiple sources such as engaged and the verge, it looks like the BBM service is going to be giving free hot-dogs outside of night clubs, for the BBM service will be free and available on multiple platforms such as iPhone and Android. The BBM Service has been a real Joker in the Blackberry deck, due to its simplicity of not having to register or ...

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Plastic better than Gorilla Glass?

In the smartphone industry, having Corning Gorilla Glass has become a standard feature on every mobile phone. It has become a must to avoid scratches, increased durability and giving  mobile phones a longer life span. Expanding across different products lines such as; slates, tablets, Smart T.Vs and other devices, durable strong glass is in high demand in the technology industry. Funny to think that the History of Gorilla Glass technology they did experiment with ...

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