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Stop the Cheating, get LG’s Dual Play TV

TV’s have gone through quite a bit of innovation over the past 20 years, from being known as the tube to now a flat screen, with built-in camera’s, wifi, internet browsers to say the least and its been pretty cool. One of the innovations was the introduction of the 3D TV, which launched in 2010 and had big promise to change the way we view our TV’s today or tomorrow. Does this come with them fancy bunny Antenna do-hickeys? Now 3D TV’s have gotten a lot of stick due to the...

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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c: Great, good, average.

There has been some heavy slagging off of the Apple’s latest releases of their iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS7,  saying bizarre things such as the latest iOS 7 is not manly enough as well as investors saying that they are not happy with the amount of innovation from Apple. Lots of people are trying to be clever, coming up with silly metaphors and similes, but my first look at the new iOS7, it looked like somebody left the UI designs out in the sun for too long and is now faded, but I ...

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A New Motion is out and its called Leap Motion

When I was on holiday in Holland recently my Brother in-law made a pre-order for a Leap Motion. Seeing that this was something I have never heard of, i was intrigued and had to ask what was he so excited about, cause he was well excited. As far as I can tell the device works basically like the computer that Chief John Anderton uses in the Minority Report, without the massive 3D interface Hologram screens and the fancy gloves… kinda like in the Iron Man Films. LeapMotion is basically the...

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BB10 Hands on Experience from a QA Perspective

The BlackBerry Z10 has been on the market for a while now and having done a full testing with Cytrus’s Top12Wines application, here are some of the great things I have discovered about the BB10 OS. When I think of BlackBerry I think of the BB5, BB6 and BB7 Os’s with a built-in qwerty keyboard. I was never really sold on the idea of owning a BlackBerry device, even though they did offer a great service with the BBM messenger. I had heard from my colleagues that some devices had ...

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New Nokia Lumia 1020 Unleashed

Looks like the Nokia Lumia 920 has passed on its flagship bu-ton responsibilities to its smarter, slimmer sister the Nokia Lumia 1020. The launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020 has officially been made public yesterday on July 11th 2013. Boasting its 41 Mega pixel camera, professional image manipulating software, its additional accessories and it’s slimmer specs compared to the previous flagship Nokia Phone the Lumia 920, who was the chubby one of the Nokia Lumia family, more to love in my ...

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