iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c: Great, good, average.


iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c: Great, good, average.

There has been some heavy slagging off of the Apple’s latest releases of their iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS7,  saying bizarre things such as the latest iOS 7 is not manly enough as well as investors saying that they are not happy with the amount of innovation from Apple. Lots of people are trying to be clever, coming up with silly metaphors and similes, but my first look at the new iOS7, it looked like somebody left the UI designs out in the sun for too long and is now faded, but I digress. I do feel that the iOS7 look is a bit soft and more flat, but this is a huge improvement and a big change compared to the older iOS from the past. Take a quick look at John from TLD’s video below mentioning his top 5 favourite features. This video is quite insightful having a brief mentioning on the history of the iOS design (its real brief).

Focusing on the iPhone 5s itself looking at the specs; improvements in performance is always a must when releasing a new high end flagship device, it goes without saying, but the thing is performance is not as much of a selling point as it used to be, its a standard. Although being twice as fast as its predecessor with its new A7 chip, which is impressive as well as introducing a 64 bit processor could really pave the way forward. Now coming in different colours such as Gold, White and “space grey” not the biggest innovation nor a big selling point but this does give more variety. In addition Apple has paid close attention to improving the iPhone’s camera implementing duel-LED flash, auto-focus, burst modes and slow-mo setting as well as an overall UI makeover to enhance the user experience. Lastly the most innovative part for the iPhone is the fingerprint scanner, which has been placed on the home button, providing a bio-metric level of security to one’s phone, which can also be used to make online purchases.

Bio-metric finger scanner on the iPhone's home button

There has been a load of speculation regarding the iPhone 5c price. One would assume that Apple will be targeting the lower end markets, and others have by stating the outrage of how the iPhone 5c is way off of China as a demographic saying things like “I can’t sell my kidney for this much.” Turns out you’re not supposed to sell your kidney to get an iPhone 5c, Apple is taking the iPhone 5 and giving it a new face, and by a new face I mean a different colour and a cheaper price (due to the use of cheaper materials in manufacturing) basically turning the iPhone 5 into a cash-cow as best put by Yoni Heisler from TUAW. Apple has never been known to flood the market with cheap products, although I’m not a big fan of the colourful coloured covers they do look awfully cheap.

Crocs for the iPhone, as I said not a big fan

The internet is throwing a lot of reviews on the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c and its hard to decipher from all these independent articles, trying to make more controversial headers than providing useful information. From the sound of the comments, videos and reviews it sounds that the public wanted to see a new design in hardware really, people were expecting a bigger screen size, not a terrible idea if you looked at the success of  the Galaxy Note. Overall iPhone 5s has definitely got some changes, most of them on the inside.