Methys just released HFM Webform Designer


Methys just released HFM Webform Designer

METHYS helps you manage your HFM webforms thanks to its new HFM Webform Designer tool. The management of your HFM webforms is time consuming, HFM Webform Designer will save you a precious time and help you focus on value-added tasks.

Boost your productivity with automation:
HFM Webform Designer has been shown to increase productivity by between 50% and 90% in the tasks related to webform development, depending on the complexity of the environment. With HFM Webform Designer you not only gain time when editing webforms but you also build a simplified environment where scripting and the technical skills required are no longer needed.

Key features:

  • Import / export HFM webforms and figures
  • Import of HFM Metadata, Member Lists and Security
  • Support and simplified use of all HFM features: “Scalc” calculation formulas, “Linked Form”,”Add Members”, etc.
  • Automatic interpretation of cell formats
  • Drag-and-drop selection capability
  • Manage complete figures for versioning and archiving